Professional Tools

We are proud to offer to our customers the best service by relying on domestic power and having the best German repair tools.

Proven Experience

Our colleagues in the technical department, with training on tire repair and material handling systems in Germany, will guide you in the most principled manner and in the best possible way.

Competitive Price

Compared with other products available in the market and considering the quality of Germany, our products always have a distinguished place in addition to market quality, at their good price

Service Warranty

The services of our covered companies will always guarantee the products in accordance with the principles and methods of using and disposing of materials for a  lifelong term.

A Long History

Our colleagues in the technical department with a long history of repairs are always learning and gaining experience, while at the same time they openly approach you with their experiences in the  field.

Commercial Support

Your orders in the commercial sector are always monitored instantly and will be communicated to you by our colleagues before the delivery of goods ordered by you.

TARMIM LASTIC company has started its business since 2000 with the aim of using the technology of the world and providing services and procurement of raw materials in two industrial and machinery sectors. By relying on experts and experienced technicians, it has been able to honorably satisfy More than 50 public and private companies, and provide services related to consulting on the repair and maintenance of conveyor belt conveyors and conveyors, as well as the right selection of raw materials for coatings and other technical equipment. The company, as the official representative in distributing and distributing products from Rema Tip Top, Germany, has been organizing theoretical and practical training courses in Iran and Germany.

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